About SCM

Thank you for visiting Scripture Cathedral’s Online Ministry.  This is the perfect way for you to stay connected with us as we journey through this year and many to come.  Scripture Cathedral Ministries is a family oriented ministry that believes in strengthening our relationship with God, family and the Body of Christ. Edification for the Body of Christ is vital during this end-time and we are determined to provide the needed spiritual guidance and insight for every individual we encounter.  We must provide this warning however, when we come together as a body of believers our praise is first on the agenda. Allow these words to resonate in your life when you think of Scripture Cathedral Ministries.


Vision Statement

Scripture Cathedral Ministries is established to be a catalyst for galvanizing and revitalizing the believer’s role as ‘soul winner’ for Christ.


Mission Statement

To evangelize the world for Jesus Christ and equip every believer to become True Disciples of Christ and to engage social problems that challenge families and the communities we have been called to serve while letting all we come in contact know that “we care”.